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  • [Diamond Plated] Cup-type Drill

[Diamond Plated] Cup-type Drill


Electroplated Diamond Grinding Tool, are mainly designed for cutting or surface grinding of FRP pipes, artificial marbles, ceramic-based products and etc.

The grinding tool sets including various shapes and sizes of:

- Saw blades, Ultra-thin cutting Blades;

- Grinding discs, Grinding wheels, Chamfering wheels;

- Cup-type drill, Bowl-type drill;

- Cylindrical grinding roller.

According to different friction material and equipment requirements, all shapes of non-standard grinding wheels can be customized.

The tools are made from selected synthetic diamonds, which would help quickly remove material and maintain shape until the expected replacement period. With the electroplating process, the synthetic diamond sand is tightly adsorbed on the edge of the abrasive substrate.


- Abrasive is well exposed to bonding agent surface, avoiding blockage of wheels during high speed grinding.

- Sharp hard abrasives for maximum cutting performance, avoiding heat agglomeration.

- Non-limit on shapes or sizes, realizable even for small orders.

- Diamond sand is highly tight distributed to maintain sharp and wear-resistant.

- Sufficient high-strength sharp diamond emery, improving grinding efficiency, saving process time.


- Glass material: Ordinary glass, Optical glass, Quartz glass.

- FRP material: FRP pipes slitting, drilling, surface sanding.

- Jewelry, Crystal, Jade, Carnelian.

- Ceramic Material: Al2O3, Black ceramics, decorative bricks.

- Stone Material: Marble, Granite, Concrete, Asphalt, Ore rock.

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