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Air Gel Nanoscale Heat Shield

This series is a new type of material made of nano-porous air gel and high-temperature refractory fiber materials by using patented technology. Combustibility, inorganic heat insulation and other characteristics.

Product Detail

Product Features:

This product series has various models of RZX-650B, RZX-850X, RZX-1000, RZX-1000T, and the working temperature is 550℃~1200℃. The product is mainly used in heat insulation and flame retardant between power battery cells, battery modules The heat insulation and shockproof between the casing and the external cold protection layer and high temperature heat insulation layer of the battery box protect the normal operation of the battery.

The special preparation process makes the RZX series air gel nano-heat insulation sheet have the unique advantages of ultra-thin, low thermal conductivity, no powder drop, fire-proof and flame-retardant (Class A) compared with similar products, and it is a completely non-combustible material; during transportation and use No powder falling off.

It is a green and environmentally friendly pure inorganic material; excellent high temperature resistance, waterproof, moisture-proof, soft and impact resistance, etc., which can replace various current traditional battery insulation materials, and provide better temperature for car batteries in the field of new energy Control and electronic control management to improve battery performance. All products of the company are underwritten by the "People's Insurance Company of China (PICC)".

Application field:

- Fire and heat insulation of energy storage equipment

- New energy battery pack protection

- Thermal battery protection

- Battery pack low temperature insulation

- Thermal protection between power battery cells

Application advantage

- Excellent thermal insulation performance, achieving the same thermal insulation effect with a thinner thickness

- Excellent high temperature resistance, the highest temperature can reach 1200°C (2192°F)

- High safety, fireproof class A (completely non-combustible, smoke-free)

- Good mechanical properties, long service life

- Compression resistance, tensile resistance, crack resistance, light weight and flexibility

- Hydrophobic rate ≥ 99%, isolated from liquid water

- Improve space utilization and reduce total construction cost

- Soft and easy to process, not easy to deform, low loss,

- Customizable according to the size for convenient installation, very greatly shorten the construction time


Item Code





Recomended Working Temperature





Thermal Conductivity @25℃

≤0.021 W/m·K

Available thickness







Class A (completely non combustible)

Hydrophobicity rate


Mass moisture absorption rate


compressive strength

Transforming 25%,≥52Kpa

tensile strength


Thermal insulation performance

Apply 10 kn of pressure, raise the temperature to 500 ℃, and the temperature difference between the hot and cold surfaces is ≥ 120 after 10 minutes

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