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Basalt fiber surface mat

Basalt fiber surfacing veil has the dual function of a glass fiber surface mat and a carbon fiber surface mat.

Basalt fiber surfacing veil is a continuous fiber obtained by high-speed drawing of basalt rock material after high temperature melting at 1450~1500°C through high-speed drawing of platinum-iridium alloy drawing and draining plate. As a kind of mineral resource, basalt ore resources are relatively abundant and the price is low. After melting, it can be made into fibers without purification and filtration. Basalt fiber is similar to glass fiber, and its performance is between high-strength S glass fiber and alkali-free E glass fiber. The color of pure natural basalt fiber is generally brown, and some are like gold.

The temperature resistance range of basalt fiber is relatively wide, and it can be applied in the condition of -260 to 800 °C (while the suitable temperature of glass fiber is only between -60 and 450 °C), and its alkali resistance and acid resistance are superior to ordinary ones. Glass fiber, anti-oxidation and hydrolysis resistance is also much better than glass fiber, the modulus of elasticity is about 1.3 times that of glass fiber 70 ~ 80GPa, can reach 100GPa, tensile strength can even reach 4000MPa or more.

Basalt fiber can be obtained by combining different materials and obtaining a wide variety of products through different design methods. For example, in the FRP industry, basalt fiber can be made into a fiberglass-like product in a corresponding manner.

The basalt fiber surface mat has the dual function of a glass fiber surface mat and a carbon fiber surface mat.

On the surface of the composite product, not only can the resin-rich layer containing more than 80% of the resin be formed, so that the surface of the product has a bright and smooth surface. At the same time, the anti-leakage and anti-corrosion ability of the product can be improved. The binder of the basalt fiber surface mat has good compatibility with the resin, and can improve the formability of the shaped composite material. It is also the material of choice for pultrusion and wound-molding composites.

Product advantages

1. Insulation resistance to electromagnetic interference

2. Temperature resistance, heat preservation

3. Excellent acid and alkali resistance

4. Sound absorption and sound insulation

5. High strength

6. Better than carbon fiber in price

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