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Carbon Fiber Bonded Chopped Strands
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Carbon fiber reinforced plastic composite (CFRP) is a lightweight and sturdy material that can be used to manufacture numerous products used in daily life. Increase strength: Carbon fiber composite materials not only have lighter weight, but also have stronger and harder CFRP composite materials per unit weight. It has the characteristics of low density, easy forming, flexible and beautiful design, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, vibration resistance, thermal insulation, easy coating, high strength, and low cost.

When comparing steel with CFRP composite materials, the weight of carbon fiber structures with the same strength is usually 1/5 of that of steel. When comparing CFRP composite materials with aluminum (one of the lightest metals used), the standard assumption is that the weight of aluminum structures with the same strength may be 1.5 times that of carbon fiber structures.

Based on different types of plastics, we modify the surface of carbon fibers or their tow to achieve better fusion, enabling the finished product to combine the performance of plastic and carbon fibers to cope with various usage scenarios. Ordinary plastics such as ABS, PS, PP, PVC, PE; Engineering plastics such as PA66, PC, PBT, POM; Special engineering plastics such as PPS, PPA, PEEK, etc.

Carbon fiber modified plastics endow plastics with conductivity, and their performance in flame retardancy, strength, impact resistance, toughness, and other aspects is superior to general plastics. They are widely used in downstream fields, mainly in household appliances, automobiles, construction, office equipment, machinery, and other fields.

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