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Nickle plated Carbon Fiber
- High purity nickel layer; - High conductivity; - Excellent EMC performance; - Light weight; - Hgh mechanical strength; - Strong bonding force.
Product Detail

Product Features:

The nickel-plated carbon fiber is a highly conductive lightweight fiber material.The fiber obtained after surface metallization treatment has greatly improved its electrical conductivity, whilestill maintaining the original mechanical strength of the carbon fiber.

Compared with ordinary carbon fiber, the conductivity is increased by about ten times, and the weight isreduced by 50%-80% compared with metal materials.

Excellent electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding performance make nickel-plated carbon fiber anindispensable material in electromagnetic shielding, heating cables and other fields. The electromagneticshielding component made by combining with the resin system can effectively protect the electronic


Nickel-plated carbon fiber has a great range of applications in small-sizelarge-capacity capacitors, magnetic films, electromagnetic shielding films,and the manufacture of various functional components.

Nickel-plated carbon fiber can improve the wettability between the carbonfiber and the metal matrix, increase the interface bonding strength of themetal matrix composite (MMC), reduce the thermal expansion coefficient,and improve dimensional stability.


ltemTest StandardUnitClassic Value
Mechanical PropertiesTensile StrengthISO 11566MPa3000
Tensile ModulusISO 11566GPa160
Enlongation at breakISO 11566%1.3
Electrical PropertyResistivityQJ 3074Ω·cm8.23x10-5
OthersBulk DensityISO 10119g/cm³3.2
Linear DensityISO 11566g/Km1630
TowISO 11566ends12000
Filament Diameterμm7.3
Coating Thicknessμm0.3
Nickel Content%50
Cross-sectional areamm²/tow0.55
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