What is non woven carbon fiber
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Non woven carbon fiber is also called carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber cloth. It is widely used in the field of manufacturing or construction of household goods. It can be used in household goods and displayed in construction. What kind of thing is that non-woven carbon fiber? Let's have a look.

non woven carbon fiber

Non woven carbon fiber is often used to reinforce buildings. It has unique advantages in physical structure. Its weight is light, and the extra pressure on buildings is almost zero. It can repair buildings more efficiently without changing the building and materials themselves. It has high tensile strength and elasticity in use, and its repairing ability can be equal to that of steel when it is used with cement and other adhesive. It also has good acid and alkaline resistance and flexibility. It can be used stably in the environment with acid and alkali, and can change the use mode of products according to different needs, such as winding objects, curved surface or turning of walls. It can also be cut in use to achieve better use.

Because the material of the product is light and very thin, it can be used in different degrees of overlapping according to the use situation to improve its firmness. During the construction, it is very convenient to increase the load, repair the aging, and strengthen the building.

Through the above content, we can know that the non woven carbon fiber has a high application rate in the aspect of architecture. Its physical particularity enables it to be widely used in different places. Those who need or are interested in the relevant information of the non-woven carbon fiber can be solved and purchased through customer service, looking forward to your presence.

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