Characteristics of carbon fiber paper
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Carbon fiber paper is a kind of functional paper containing certain carbon fiber. Because of its special physical properties, it can be used in different environments. What are the characteristics of carbon fiber paper? Let's take a look.

Carbon fiber paper is a general term for all paper containing carbon fiber. There will be a slight difference in the performance of carbon fiber paper with different substrates. Sometimes in order to improve the characteristics of the paper, the paper will be mixed. In the process of making paper, the raw materials needed for paper will be pretreated in advance to make it more convenient and efficient in the later production process.

carbon fiber paper

As a special material with many functions, carbon fiber has various physical and chemical properties which are reflected in the products it participates in. As a kind of conductive material, carbon fiber makes paper also have conductivity. The resistivity of paper is affected by the content of carbon fiber in the material and its own resistivity, the length of fiber and the thickness of paper.

After the paper is powered on, the paper can be heated under suitable resistance and voltage. In the process of electric conversion heat, its conversion rate is faster and more energy-saving than other traditional materials.

In the above content, we can have a simple understanding of the characteristics of carbon fiber paper. The paper has different properties in other aspects. If you want to have a deep understanding of carbon fiber paper, please contact us and we will give you the information you want.

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