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Application and advantages of carbon fiber paper
 Oct 24, 2019|View:1103

Carbon fiber paper is a very strange thing for ordinary citizens, but it is also widely used in daily life. What are his applications in life? Let's take a look at them.

The most frequently seen application in life is mask. It can isolate the tiny particles driven by breathing in the mask, and also can block the virus or dust in the air.


When it is used, there are sewage treatment, air purification and so on that will not be seen by people. In the process of sewage treatment, the insolubles in the water are removed through several processes, and the impurities in the water can be effectively absorbed when the sewage passes through it. In this way, the water can be treated more quickly, and the difficulty of water treatment later can be reduced. The main way of air purification is adsorption, because it contains a lot of carbon fiber, which has a strong ability to adsorb particles or peculiar smell.

At the same time, its chemical properties are very stable, and it will not react with substances with acid and alkali properties. Because of the addition of other materials, it has good heat resistance. Without the participation of organic solvent, its ignition point is above 500 ℃.

Through the above content, we can know that carbon fiber paper is the best product to absorb impurities and filter. Although it can not directly change the water quality in the application, it also makes what it can do. In fact, carbon fiber paper has a good application in many other places. To learn more about carbon fiber felt, please contact us through customer service hotline.


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