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Features of Basalt Fiber Surfacing Veil
 Jun 15, 2021|View:1559

Basalt fiber surfacing veil is a kind of textile fabric which is processed by single basalt fiber spinning. So what are the features of Basalt fiber surfacing veil? Next, we will uncover the secret of Basalt fiber surfacing veil.


Features of Basalt Fiber Surfacing Veil

Incombustible, high temperature resistant (1100 ℃), compact structure, no irritation, soft and tough texture, easy to wrap uneven surface objects and equipment. Basalt fiber surfacing veil can well protect objects from hot spots and spark areas, and completely prevent or isolate combustion. Suitable for - 260-1100 ℃ working environment. Basalt fiber cloth not only has excellent low temperature and high temperature resistance, but also has the advantages of low bulk density, low heat conduction, thermal shock resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, high elastic modulus, good flexibility, wear resistance, folding resistance and so on. The utility model can be used for covering the incipient fire source, preventing the flame from spreading, and preventing the flame from contacting inflammables during open fire operation.

Basalt fiber surfacing veil has permanent flame retardant property, permanent antistatic fabric, all channel electromagnetic shielding fabric, LOI% above 70, excellent strength and friction resistance, harmless to human body. The utility model has the advantages of non combustibility, flame retardant and smokeless, high temperature resistance, no toxic gas emission, good heat insulation, no melting or dripping, high strength, no heat shrinkage, etc. Under the action of flame at 1100 ℃, it will not deform and burst. It can play a protective role in humid, steam, smoke, chemical gas and other harsh environment. No asbestos and glass fiber composition, permanent fire resistance. Good fire extinguishing performance, light weight, easy to store, if there is no damage, it can be used permanently.


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