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Introduction and classification of carbon fiber tissue
 Sep 09, 2021|View:1198

Carbon fiber tissue is made from epoxy-coated and graphite-pressed woven carbonized fibers. Carbon fiber tissue is also a highly processed material and is therefore generally used in high-end products.

Carbon fiber tissue

Introduction of Carbon fiber tissue:
Carbon fiber tissue is mainly a special fiber composed of carbon elements, and its carbon content varies with the type, generally above 90%. carbon fiber tissue has the characteristics of general carbon materials, such as high temperature resistance, friction resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, etc., but unlike general carbon materials, its shape has significant anisotropy, It is soft, can be processed into various fabrics, and exhibits high strength along the fiber axis. Carbon fiber has low specific gravity, so it has high specific strength.

Types of carbon fiber tissue:
There are many ways to classify carbon fiber tissue, depending on the raw material, characteristics, processing temperature and shape. There are six types of carbon fiber tissue, including cellulose fibers such as Rayon and wood, polyacrylonitrile, asphalt, phenol resin, and vapor phase carbon fiber. According to the characteristics, it can be divided into three types: ordinary carbon fiber tissue, high strength and high modulus carbon fiber, and activated carbon fiber. The strength of ordinary carbon fiber tissue is below 120 kg/mm2 and Young's modulus is below 10,000 kg/mm2; for high strength and high modulus, the strength is above 150 kg/mm2 and modulus is above 17,000 kg/mm2.

If it is classified according to the processing temperature, it can be divided into three kinds: heat-resistant, carbon quality and graphite quality. The processing heating temperature of carbon fiber is 200~350℃, and it can be used as electrical insulator; the processing heating temperature of carbon fiber is 500~1500℃, and it can be used as electrical conductive material; the processing heating temperature of graphite carbon fiber is above 2000℃, and it has self-lubricating property in addition to heat resistance and electrical conductivity improvement.

If the shape of carbon fiber tissue products are classified, they can be divided into cotton-like short fibers; filamentary continuous fibers; fiber bundles (Tow); fabrics; felts and long products, etc.


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