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Basalt Fiber Veil
- High temperature resistance; - Low shrinkage rate; - Flame retardant,-Low thermal conductivity; - Excellent acid and alkali resistance; - Outstanding sound insulation; - No boron emission, natural degradation.
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Product Features:

Basalt fiber is made of natural basalt ore by high temperature melting and drawing. The mechanicalproperties are between fiberglass and carbon fiber. It is characterized by excellent chemical resistance,wide applicable temperature range, and has excellent electrical insulation and flame retardancy.

Basalt fiber felt mainly uses the flame retardant properties and acid and alkali corrosion resistance offibers to improve the resistance of FRP products in extreme environments, and is used for pipelineleakage and corrosion resistance.

It can also be compounded with reinforced fabrics and is suitable for flame-retardant and

heat-preserving structures in building materials.

Basalt Fiber Copped Strands

Basalt Fiber mesh

composite with veil

Application on insulating board

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