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Brief Introduction of Carbon Fiber Surface Felt
 Oct 14, 2019|View:1640

Carbon fiber surface felt is a multi-functional material. It is mainly made of non-woven carbon fiber felt by wet forming after chopping and dispersing the carbon fibers. By this way, it can make the distribution of the fibers more uniform, the permeability of the material is better, and the adsorption ability is stronger. It can be applied in many different industries to make full use of its advantages and reduce costs. Next, a brief introduction of carbon fiber surface felt is given.


Its main composition is composed of carbon elements. Carbon fibers are special fibers. They are produced according to different kinds of carbon content. In general, the carbon content of carbon fibers is more than 90%.Carbon fiber surface felt made of carbon fibers also has special properties, it can resist high temperature, corrosion, friction, electrical conduction, heat conduction and so on.

Because of its special properties, it can be used in areas with strict requirements on strength, stiffness, fatigue properties, etc., as well as in places where high temperature resistance and chemical stability are required. Carbon fiber surface felt can increase the surface strength of many kinds of composite materials, so that it can conduct electricity without additional weight burden. This property can be applied to conductive glass products, which can increase the strength of materials without affecting normal use.

Through the above content, we can learn about the relevant information about carbon fiber surface felt. Users who need it can contact us through customer service.


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