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Application of Carbon Fiber Surface Felt
 Jun 15, 2021|View:944

Introduction of Carbon Fiber Surface Felt

Carbon fiber surface felt is a multifunctional and versatile functional and structural material. The carbon fiber felt made by wet forming process has the advantages of uniform fiber distribution, smooth surface, high permeability and strong adsorption. In the field of sports and leisure and composite materials, it can solve the bubble and pinhole phenomenon on the surface of products, fill the mesh of carbon fiber cloth, and make the carbon fiber products with more uniform and beautiful appearance, which can effectively reduce the cost!

Carbon fiber is a kind of special fiber mainly composed of carbon elements, and its carbon content varies with different types, generally more than 90%. Carbon fiber surface felt has the characteristics of common carbon materials, such as high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. Carbon fiber has low specific gravity, so it has high specific strength.

Carbon fiber surface felt can be used as aircraft structure material, electromagnetic shielding material, rocket shell, motor ship, industrial robot, automobile leaf spring and drive shaft, etc. In the fields of strength, stiffness, weight, fatigue characteristics and other strict requirements, carbon fiber materials have advantages in the occasions of high temperature and high chemical stability. In addition, carbon fiber surface felt can enhance the surface strength of composite products, play a light and strong role, and also conduct electricity, which can be used in electric heating tube, anode tube and other conductive FRP products.


Application of Carbon Fiber Surface Felt

1. Carbon fiber reinforced plastics

Cfm changes the inner and outer surfaces of various CFRPs to hide the gauze texture. Its flexibility makes it cling to the surface of complex shaped molded products, and gives CFRP a smooth and flat surface.

2. Chemical container and filtration

Cfm is suitable for corrosion of pipes, tanks, tanks and seawater which are resistant to various concentrated acids and alkalis. It can also be used to filter corrosive gases or liquids.

3. Fuel cell and electronic components

Cfm is an ideal material for fuel cells and heating elements.

4. Electronic instrument shell

The shell of electronic equipment is molded with prepreg made of CFM with large gram weight. It has thin wall and light body, high strength and rigidity, anti creep, and comprehensive anti electromagnetic interference and anti radio frequency interference functions

5. Electronic field

Electromagnetic or RF shielding can be obtained by decorating the area of electronic device with CFM. Electrostatic protection has multiple effects and can be used in satellite reflector.


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